Lance Pierson Performer

John Betjeman (1906-84)

John Betjeman

He was a conservationist, television personality and best selling poet. Twenty six years after he passed away Betjeman remains a national treasure. Through his poetry it is easy to see why: passionate about the countryside, the opposite sex, whimsical and nostalgic, hilariously funny, always self-deprecating and deeply honest.

So prolific was Betjeman that Lance has several different shows based around different aspects of his life. "The Best of" is self explanatory, whereas Lance can also present his "Life in Verse", his poems about "Cornwall and the Countryside" and about his "Faith and Churches." The length of performance can also vary from a short contribution to one hour straight to two halves of forty five minutes.

About the performance:

The shows are more than just a poetry reading. Betjeman's poems are lively, funny and lend themselves to a dramatic performance. Each poem tells a story or confronts an issue in a narrative style. Lance learns some poems and then brings them to life by acting out the 'story' using a different voice for each character.

Lance has performed in a wide variety of venues and the staging of the performance is very flexible, with a minimum of technical requirements, so that it can be performed in any type of space. However for maximum effect Lance has an accompanying PowerPoint presentation which helps set the scene of each poem.

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