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Lance Performing

Bible Reading Training

“It was a very sparkling and accessible presentation that you gave to our Readers. The folk enjoyed it enormously.” Colin Buchanan, Former Bishop of Woolwich

Lance offers training on how to give church Bible readings real impact in communicating God's message.

Lance is an experienced actor, specialising in reading the Bible aloud. He believes the reading from the Bible should be a high point in each church service, and would love to share his vision and ideas with your regular readers.

Ways of doing this:

  • He could read a Bible passage or two in a service for you.
  • He could run a 1-hour ‘taster’ session for anyone interested on how and why to bring Bible reading to life.
These two offers would be free of charge.

If you wanted to take things further afterwards, he would need to charge a fee for either or both of:

  • 2-hour ‘Ordinary Level’ training for your regular readers
  • 2-hour ‘Specialist Level’ envisioning for those who want to take things further, with a view to contributing a reading together at a special event (e.g. Christmas Carol service; Good Friday Passion readings; Bible Sunday; Harvest; Pentecost; an overview of a book of the Bible).
Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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