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All these books are available through bookshops (except 'Your Confirmation') - or direct from Lance.
Each of these books were written by Lance or contain contributions from him.

Hopkins and Milton: A study of how one great poet influenced another

Hopkins and Milton Cover

A study of how John Milton’s poetry influenced the compositions of Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Lance gave the Hopkins Society Annual Lecture in 2018 on this topic.

He then revised and extended his work to produce this fully referenced monograph in booklet form.

(Self published, 43 pages, £5.00)

God Questions

God Questions Cover

The book answers questions that Christians ask and are asked. Everything from Who is Jesus? to What happens when you die? An essential question and answer book for a new Christian but all Christians could benefit from its answers.

(Highland Books ISBN 1-897913-44-3, £6.99)

No-Gay Areas?: Pastoral Care of Homosexual Christians

No-Gay Areas Cover

An attempt to pull down the barriers between gay Christians and Bible-believing churches. Full of suggestions how churches can help those of their members who feel homosexual attraction.

(Grove Pastoral Series No 38, 1989 revised 1997, 24 pages, £2.25)

Your Confirmation

Your Confirmation Cover

A book by John Stott, with a Study Guide by Lance both for individual readers and for groups. The title suggests one use for the book - in preparation for adult 'confirmation' or church membership. But it is a brilliant guide to Christian beginnings, belief and behaviour for any (groups of) new Christians or those wanting a refresher course.

(Hodder and Stoughton, 1991, 160 pages, illusatrated in full colour £4.50)
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