Lance Pierson Performer

Who is Lance Pierson?

Lance Pierson

Lance Pierson (9\1\1947 - 14\10\2021) was an actor and poetry performer.

From 1998 until 2016 he toured the UK with his one-man shows. From St Paul's Cathedral to church halls across the country he entertained congregations with Biblical presentations, while his cricket, poetry and music hall shows were seen from the National Gallery to the Edinburgh Fringe. Lance also toured with Belinda Yates and Heather Chamberlain as part of the words-and-music trio 'In Voice and Verse.'

He stopped touring in 2017 but continued to lead guided ‘Poetry walks’ around London as well as the Hammersmith and Fulham Poetry Enjoyment Group. He also became heavily involved with both the Gerard Manley Hopkins and John Betjeman Societies.

His son Robin will be posting all the audio and video he produced on his YouTube channel.

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